Thursday, May 8, 2008

You've got Male

Yes, like my little pun from beyond? I hope this actually worked.. it's kinda cool to think Im shopping right now and this post is being posted. Anywayss...

So I've had a few inspirational posts on my blog, but I've never featured any guys, and I dont know why I haven't because a lot of the time when I decided what to wear or buy, guys are in mind. My main male inspiration has to be Johnny Depp, If I were a guy.. I would like to dress like him haha. Other's I like are Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger =( rip heath. I know that Im only focusing on popular celebs. There are others.. but we'll save that for another post =)
These are just some collages I put together of some of my fave looks from them!

So do you guys have any male inspiration?
Btw another post is scheduled for tommorow!

(Love his inner piratey-ness. Oh and I know that first one doesnt have much clothing involved.. but it was too pretty not to put in there)
(I had to stick in that picture of him and kate as well, because seriously how cute is that?)
(I couldn't find as many good photos of heath.. But I love those red sunnies!)