Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shopping Recap

After three days of non-stop shopping Im kinda glad to be back. Shopping from 10am to 10pm get's kind of hard on your feet =) I didn't post yesterday just since I got home kinda late and was super tired. Today was tiring as well, work left me with a very uncomfortable headache. Anyways I did buy lot's of new items, although I managed to control myself to not go to spend-crazy. I have to say one of my new loves is Marshall's, there are no locations around where I usually goto when visiting the US, but a couple happened to open up and the deals to be had were amazing. I got my most favorite purchase there. An awesome black Michael Kors springish type jacket, marked down like 4 times to only $29.99! I also got two pair of MbMJ sunnys, for major steals. And lastly a skirt for $3... seriously deals like this are nowhere to be found in Canada. I will blog more soon about my other purchases, and hopefully get some pictures.. But I just cant even think right now because this headache is killing me =(
byebye for now =)

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