Sunday, May 18, 2008

Total Lazyness

Does anyone else get extremely lazy in the heat? It has been soo hot this weekend, not that Im not loving it, got a slight sunburn while sitting in the car and in the shade! But I pretty much just sat around outside all day yesterday, went to my aunts house which was super hot. I got to see her pictures of egypt, greece and turkey, absolutely lovely, and I seriously need to go on a vacation myself. She brought back a couple of bracelets and scarves for my mom and I. She also got this really cool, woven type leather jacket, I had never seen anything like it, which made it pretty awesome in my mind.
On friday, sipped some icecaps (Love, what would I do without my Timmys) and got a pedi =)

I really didnt wear anything too exciting, when I get super hot I tend to throw all fashion sense out the window and wear as little as possible, tastefully of course. So I basically spent my weekend in some plain shortshorts and tanks. Its already supposed to turn to rain tommorow though, but hay its been a recording breaking long weekend, may long weekend has litterally the baddest weather history ever, so I guess we cant complain!

Anyways this is a pretty lazy ish post, im so sleepy for some reason, but Im gonna take pictures of my cool new scarves tommorow, and will probably have something more interesting news when Im more with it.

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