Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Full List

So Ive been kinda lazy the past couple of days and for some crappy reason I keep getting headaches, not fun! Anyways I never went into the full detail of all the items I bought so here it is.
-Black MK blazer, loveee!
-two MbMJ sunnies
-navy short
-plain white tank, as my old one isnt as white as it once was lol
-flowy ish skirt, kinda an impulse buy since it was only $3
-plain black flip flops
-set of squarey shaped bangles
-Also this tropically scent and too cute spray that purrs when you pick it up from victorias secret lol. They also had their yummy smelling lip glosses on sale so I bought a couple of those, I have a feeling its going to be that type of lip gloss you just lick off cause it tastes so good. Oh and some other lotion stuff.
I kind of expected to buy more, but I tryed to control myself a little asking myself what I really needed. Also I was in need of some basics. I was kinda dissapointed though when I went to urban outfitters and no minnetonkas ankle booties =( I'll have to stay on the search.

Since the weather has been SO depressing, its been raining straight for over 24hrs now.. Im seriously hoping the weather people are right when they are telling us tommorow through most of the weekend is supposed to be hot and sunny! In spirit of my desperation for summery weather I thought I would share these warm looking piks =)

(Can I please frolick through a field of flowers..)


j'aime said...

ah. wish i could go on a shopping spree! I'm waiting for the SS sales on the net so I can begin buying things for my summer.

Love the images, makes me wish that it wasn't turning into winter here!

NewlyInspired said...

The first picture reminds me of Fafi! Oh how i love that cartoon!!!

samantha h said...

are those last photographs from any magazine? they're wonderful!

R said...

Im actually not sure I got them from
and all these pictures said were:
Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Photographer: Nico