Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shop Till' I drop

So Im going away for the weekend, well Thursday, Friday and Sat for a huge shop in the US =) Im superrrr duper excited since I've been retaining myself from shopping the past week, trust me its been HARD lol! Usually we shop 10-10. Let's hope Im fit enough to keep myself going this long. Okay I have to be honest I kind of killed my week long anti-shop today. I went to walmart to get some cushie things to put in my flats and ended up seeing a whole bunch of leggings on sale for $2! You know I cant resist a sale like that, so I bought black and navy plus some textured brown ones. Then later my mom was throwing out some old stuff and she was about to throw out these printed scarves! Of course I didn't let that happen! (Sry bad quality.. this is still my cell phone camera =( )

So Im going to attempt this scheduled post thing, and hopefully If Im successful there will be another post waiting for you guys tommorow! =) Let's test out my computer skills..

Hopefully when I get back I will have loads of new items to share about.. now I have to go pack.. Im feeling very disorganized.. but that's me leaving everything to the last minute =) Oh yeah and my aunt gets back tommorow.. so hopefully that means I'll have some other cute new items she brought back from her vacation. After she messaged us telling about the 4,000 shop market I will be extremely sad if she came back empty handed! Oh well untill saturday, bye guys =D

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