Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay For The Weekend!/Need Advice!

So Im super excited for this weekend, because the weather people have promised us super warm weather, 30c expected for friday/saturday. We got a little taste of it today with maybe an 18c or so sunny day. If they are wrong though, seriously my hopes will be crushed. I cant decide what Im going to do, but it will hopefully involve shorts and icecaps!
Hopefully I will have some weekend pictures to share with you all, since my normal camera is still being stupid.. I was considering possibly buying a new one, I wanted to ask for some suggestions, for a really good but not over $200 camera, so any advice please share, anyone can leave comments =)

Now to my other predicament.. There is a music festival a few hours away from moi, sounds pretty fun, located in a nice spot, about 20 min past Whistler woowoo. Has some pretty good artists, Coldplay, The Tragically hip, Death cab for cutie, and Jay Z to name a few. But heres the deal, it kind of occurs during my already planned trip to our cabin. Which is also nice, also warm, located right on a lake.. So I dont know what to do lol!? The festival is near the end of my cabin trip, but it would still be really awkward to suddenly get from one place to another..

Which would you do? I just realized there is going to be humungo fireworks that weekend as well, its a huge event with tonsssssss of people, leaving you so packed you can hardly move.. but it's fun. Gosh why does everything happen on the same weekend?

Also song Im totally replaying over and over right now: Coldplay: Violet Hill
Lovess, you should totally Itunes it =)


Ragamala said...

I love Coldplay.
I'm so happy they decided to make a new album!

Rachel's secret said...

Hi there. i dont see the boyfriend blazer online @ target. u sure they're selling it? I didnt see it in any of the preview collections previously as well. i think the blazer is really cute!very alexander wang :)

R said...

Ahh sadness, I just check as well online and didn't see it. I just figured it was part of the collection since it was featured in the preview pictures. I guess there is still a slight chance it could be in stores? It looks so awesome right?

fred said...

it looks awesome. well, if u ever see it, maybe u can drop me an email. hehe.