Friday, May 9, 2008

Rogan for Target

As Im sure you all have heard Rogan Gregory is going to be designing for target. Im exciting for the fact that it's supposed to be all eco-friendly. Gotta do what we can for our environment right? Anyways these were a few of my faves looks from what Ive seen so far. However, it's to bad that it wont be available untill the 18th of May because Im in the US right now! Oh well I guess I'll just have to go back.

(Mainly loving the blazers, but the black pants look cute as well)(Love that vest!)(The top looks so comfyyy)

Which do you guys like best so far?

Tommorow Im back from the US, see you guys then =)


Ragamala said...

I love Rogan for Target!
Did you know that Barney's had a pre-sale of the line a week before it came out at target?!

R said...

No, but thats so awesome! I also dont have a Barneys anywhere around me though.. so it would only have been a tease if I had known about it haha

Times of Glory said...

Hi, love these looks. Each looks a bit fimilar but all very individual when look closely. It is hard to keep stylish yet comfy. A great post!

bear said...

that top blazer looks fab!

NewlyInspired said...

OMG! Is it out now? I need to make a local stop top scope out the after math :)

Runaway Gallery said...

you're right that blouse DOES look comfy!