Monday, May 26, 2008

Value Village Sale!

So today I checked out the Value Village 50% off sale, It was totally packed with people and had lots of items to choose from! I was definitetly on the hunt for floral dresses, but sadly the ones I chose were either not fitting correctly or just didn't look as good on me as they did on the hangers. But all was not lost I ended up buying...:
-Longish floral skirt, which I plan on turning into a dress and belting, 4.00 so I got it for 2.00 Yay!
-Brown woven belt, also ended up being 2.00
-Leather tourqoisey purse, smaller than I usually like, but awesome color so I couldnt resist! also 2.00
-Lastly this grey dress, its different, It has a hood and a zipper half way down the front, probably more of a fall type dress, but only 5.00!
I feel like I should go to a different one tonight.. just because everything is ridiculously cheap! Well we'll see, if you guys didnt go, you should find one near you and run down there asap!! The sale is only on today =(


Margherita. said...

I've actually never been in one! Glad you got some good finds though.

Inspire Me Today.... said...

sounds like heaven!!