Monday, June 15, 2009

I Need Sequins!!

Im such a sequin addict these days its a bit much, yet I dont really own any sequined items, so when I saw Stella McCartney's resort 2010 I totally fell in love with everything, especially those awesome sequined jackets!! I even loved the backdrop, balloons, blow-up furniture and bubbles!


What do you guys think?


Rumi said...

These are so fun, especially for being S. McCartney! Little sequin jacket is crucial.

Anonymous said...

Love the last outfit to bits

grace said...

stella really branched out.. she always does the female silhouette major justice. dare i say my favorite resort collection this year?

dvf also did a great sequin blazer (

Molly Rose said...

I'm normally not a Stella McCartney fan, but I love that collection, especially the buffalo plaid trench, and the last look with the sequined jacket and red trousers, they're both so unique.

Natalie said...

That lace jumpsuit...I love it so much, words fail me!

Lauren said...

I am definitely feeling the sequin trend right now, it is soooo perfect! I adore the stripe with the rose dress as well, my personal favorite!!!

The Vancouverista said...

LOVE the gold sequin jacket

Juliet said...

Stella's resort has it all! One could wear just that collection without anything else!

juliet xxx

alanna said...

i think its gorg. ive seen the pics through refinery 29 and i fell in love. especially with the black sequin suit. fabulous

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Am so madly in love with the lace jumpsuit!

Gracie said...

One of my favorite resort collections. I think I need the sequined jacket. Topshop has a more 'affordable' one if I'm not mistaken.

Love Grace.

ps. I adore your blog by the way.

cma said...

absolutely beautiful shots
love the lace..the pop color pants..and the sequins
great post
love your blog!!!!

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Kadosa said...

Love your blog.
Have to say you absolutely rocked those outfits. My favorite is the 3rd one.
Check mine @
Hope we'll stay in touch. Im following you.
Keep it up. You are doing a wonderful job here. xoxo

Shin said...

Wow, these are popping up everywhere! I love sequins after seeing Balmain collection and now this! xxoxoxo

CherryToast said...

Shin is right. Sequin is everywhere. I must confess, I've become addicted too. XD

Suzanne said...

that collection is so absolutely gorgeous!

andrea said...

the striped dress with the flowers is just the coolest thing ever

Marian said...

love Stella's designs way too much!
she gets it right all the time.
muah x

Victoria B said...

ahhh how beautiful are these pictures :)

Lovely blog


Autour de toi said...

I love so much Stella McCartney, this collection are great.

chippendale said...

Jolies photos, j'adore le pull du septième cliché il est parfait.