Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

Summer has officially arrived I would say, its been hot for at least 4 days in a row now, yayyy! Today was quite hot, so I decided to walk up to Timmy's for an Icecap =) I love how size large is cheaper than a starbucks tall. What would I ever do without timmys honestly? I was so hot by the time I got home I brought out the mist-er. It's the perfect thing, the mist lightly coats you and then that breeze that was so hot before suddenly feels so refreshing. While laying limp in my comfy lounger chair I decided that I was in definite needs of some new summer items:

1. New bathing suit or two
2. Big floppy hat
3. New sunnies
4. Some type of bronzy shimmer
5. Red lipgloss

I've never been much of a hat fan, but Im tired of the squinting, and somehow they just seemed to grow on me. Since I am so fair, Im going to be looking for a bronzy-ish shimmer, I've tryed the tan lotion things, but does anyone else notice how they all start out smelling nice at the beginning and then they turn gross smelling afterwards and then the smell is all over your clothes? Same base ingredient I guess, but I couldn't stand it. Andd since I dont think I can pull of the bright bold red, Im gonna go for the slightly less intense glazy gloss =)

Dont forget about the contest!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Rick Owens makes some beautiful clothes. I wish I could afford him too. said...

Physicians formula bronzer rocks my life, seriously, I wear it all summer and I feel so lovely.

and as for floppy hats, they come in handy !:)

hope to hear from you :)

amanda said...

your summer essentials sound perfect.
nothing like some bronzy shimmer to make you feel sunkissed! and i love the big floppy hat-i think they look fabulous on the beach or just hanging out at a picnic.

Maverick Malone said...

Big floppy hats do come in handy but they look horrid on me...I try and work the ray bans or something!

xx. mavi

LACY said...

omg! i want all the exact things on your list 4 summer, those r defitely summer must havs!

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