Friday, June 12, 2009

Drumroll please..

....And the lucky winner is..... Brittany! Sorry to everyone else, I wish I could make you all win, but Im glad you all participated, I had tons of fun hosting this contest so thanks again to the people of chickdowntown!

Anyways, anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? Nothing to much on my agenda again, maybe a BBQ, other than that its up in the air. Also yesterday I went into the gap, I thought Id ask the employees if they would be getting any of the Alexander Wang/ Vena Cava stuff in, they looked like I had just spoke something bizarre in a foreign language. Guess that means no. So Im assuming that Canada will maybe not be getting any of the items? Oh well I guess, I was just kind of curious to see how they looked in person. I did see some nice plain tee's that came in a variety of colors, I might go back and get a couple, they also had a nice pair of pants.
Im starting that thing where I get excited about fall clothes way too early, I hardly got out of them!


Damsels said...

oh thats unfortunate about the vena cava stuff.
We Were Damsels

congrats to the winnner :(

Kayra said...

congrats :)!

i bbqued yesterday, and today alsoo. Only i just heared its raining XD

amanda said...

yayy to the big winner!
hope they are awesome, brittany!

Matea Sarenac said...

yeah I also find it extremely difficult to transition from winter to summer..there wasn't really much of a spring here..I just wore shorts without tights for the first time last week..

duke and larn said...

Well the wang/gap stuff has just hit down in london......CRAZY! Didn't even attempt to fight my way through......oh dear it seems my once underground fave label AW is officially now mainstreem : ((

M. and O. said...


The new blog of two French fashionistas, Olivia & Mariam 17 years old, the next designer of this generation ;)

Two new posts on our blog, come on ! see ya, xoxo