Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry for the mini hiatus there, I've just been a little side tracked lately. Last night I went to see Coldplay, abolutely fucking amazingggggg, honestly just so awesome I wish I could just rewind and relive the whole thing! Chris Martin is just such an entertaining performer, I don't know how he can keep up the energy level! They all sounded great live though, Snow Patrol opened, they were also really great live, and their lead singer (Gary Lightbody) is soo adorabble, I totally didn't realize he had an accent, Im a sucker for accents. Also loved when Chris asked to dim the lights so it was basically black and got everyone to bring out their cell phones, it was the most amazingg effect, and then we did a "wave" of cell phones, which is wayyyyy cooler looking than your average football game wave lol! Cameras weren't allowed so I was afraid mine would get taken away, so all I can show you is other peoples pictures! If they haven't come to your city yet, I seriously recommend getting tickets to see them, you will have such a blast!!
Next excitement on my list --> opening day Transformers, hell yeah! :D

Yellow balloons during yellow, obviously haha
Went to the back of the stadium to perform literally right in the crowd, so jealous of these people!
Confetti, yayy!
I believe this photo was from the night before, Im sure ours was better, but still you get the idea =P And still this photo does not do justice to how awesome it looked

I found these photos at

PS: I totally want their jackets! At one point Chris had on his usual awesome jacket, and the others had similar purple and pink ones!

Tommorow I get my hair cut.. dun dun dunn


Damsels said...

it looks so great

tho i dont really likethe :(

i know .. .iknow
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Molly Rose said...

Sounds amazing!!

Shin said...

Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time there! Yellow balloons look so much fun! xxoxoxoxo

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Nuage de marshmallows said...

Wow ! I just love them !!! Chris Martin is so charismatic !