Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hope all of your weekends went well, I didn't do too much, went out for dinner fri/sat..and I finallyy bought something.. Shoes. Im not sure if I will keep them yet though, I've been trying to not buy stuff for awhile, since last month, and the couple before that I was getting a bit excessive, but I kind of crumbled today. We shall see what happens, I also kind of really want a puppy, but that doesn't look like it's going to be happening any time soon.

Okayy I was also trying to refrain posting anything MKA for awhile, but I can't help it.. how freakin awesomeee are her rings!?

photo: MK&A style

I promise noo more MKA pics for at least two weeks lol!

Alsoo it's coming down to the last week of the contest! Dont forget to enter and leave your email!


Damsels said...

she is amazing we all love her .
We Were Damsels

Natalie said...

MK is too cool!

Juliet said...

All I could look at was her pink shades. Still odd.

juliet xxx

Molly Rose said...

Dang!! those things are amazing!! She's always taking risks!

Ashley said...

The pink lenses are awesome. She is awesome.

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CherryToast said...

She looks always so great. I love her style.
The rings are a dream. I also like her glasses. Looks fantastic.

sa said...