Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally home.. no internet for that long kinda put me into some sort of weird withdrawal once I got home, resulting in this 4 hour non-stop catch up of internet. I feel seriously out of the loop on everything! So if I missed out on any ground breaking news, please someone fill me in! When I was away though, I strangely didn't miss the internet all that much, actually enjoyed the whole "wilderness" thing. Okay.. my cabin isn't exactly wilderness, but compared to the city.. well it's wilderness for me hhaha. Anyways I have quite a bit to say, and at the moment Im quite tired.. Yeah its like 11pm, and normally that's my peak time haha. But being away got me into this weird, going to sleep early (before 12am) ritual. Shocking I know.. I never thought this could actually happen to me, but I kinda like it.
Anyways I promise to fill in more tommorow, but as for now Im glad to be back!

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Rumi said...

Hi!! I'm so glad you're back, your sweet comment brought a huge smile to my face. It sounds like you had an amazing time out roughing it in the wilderness, a longish stay in a cabin actually sounds really fun to me right now.

One more update....I got a kitten!!!! It is so cute I might die.