Friday, July 11, 2008

The Results

So I went back to the store today with my mom to ponder about this dress, its been on my mind like crazy the past few days. After discussing it, I decided not to get it =( I know Im going to be sad about it for awhile because it was extremely cute, but for the amount of times I would have gotten to wear it, I would probably also feel quite guilty. My mom also assured me that for the probably $125 I would be spending on it, the cotton-y type material was just not worth the price.
So there, I can sulk about that for awhile until I find a new bigger and better something I want to buy =) I have a good feeling it may involve shoes.

I will be going away for a few days, to the US, camping-ish type stuff and what-not.. don't worry I'll cook you guys a s'more =) I will probably manage to find my way to some stores, it will be difficult but I will try my hardest. Untill.. Wed probably? I will leave you with these ranom photos that I have found through very websites.
xoxo, R

(I love the pixi haircut, and the underwater photos are just so awesome, I love the driving pik too.. just makes me want to do the same sort of thing haha)

Bye guys, enjoy =)


♥ Marta ♥ said...

I know the dress you're talking about ... and although it's totally cute, I sometimes don't understand why does a cotton dress need to cost over $100?

Taghrid said...

smores, yumm

Fashion found on the street said...

heya cool blog Ive just started my own want to swap links?

much thanks <3

michelle said...

Lovely photos - have fun at camp! :)

Wendy said...

There will definitely be more opportunities for better dresses.

i think thats hauttte said...

the underwater pictures are so cool.


beautiful pics

Anna Shapiro said...

A better dress always come up.

those pictures are awesome.
i love w the fabric flows like that