Friday, August 1, 2008

The detailss

So I was pretty tired yesterday and didn't fill in many details about my vacay. I did take a few pictures, but got more lazy with the camera than I expected. But yay, it finally works! I did get a tan, Im sure others would not consider it to be a tan, but hay Im as white as this background so anything is tan to me. I spent pretty much everyday floating on my inflatable chair in the sunshine =) Unfortunately I still feel like Im riding waves though hahah, thats kind of a pain. I think I also overdosed on icecream, mm =) We had campfires on the beach and saw bats, my cabin is pretty much the only place where this happens, for me anyway. I also pretty much got eaten alive by misquitos, I seem to be some kind of attraction for them. Lastly, I witnessed some pretty creepy thunderstorms, but for some reason Im still fascinated by them haha. Oh and I saw a bear! It was just his behind, but still, a bear!! =) Here are just a few photos of my trip anywayy, sorry no photo's of me though, all I wore was bathing suits and sweat pants at night haha, stylish I know. The view from our deck.. ahh if only I could wake up to this everyday.These 2 are from a late night beach fire =) Ignore all the times, they're all wrong haha.
A storm that came upon us, you could totally see the rain coming, enabling us to get back to shelter in time =)
Sparklers fun!!

Now that my main vacation is over with and August is upon us, I can't help but think about back to school/fall shopping. So in the next few days Im going to be making some of my lists and august picks! So keep checking back, and I hope you guys make some lists for me to check out too =D


Mimi said...

Very nice pics.

cupcakes and cashmere said...

such great how you could see the storm coming, so fun!

Taghrid said...

great photos!

Lisa said...

hi lady.

fellow Canadian ( but I now live in Cape Town ).

thanks for sharing.

newbie to the blog world!

L xx.

michelle said...

Looks like an amazing trip!