Monday, July 21, 2008

To The Lake

I know I said I would be a better blogger like soo many times, and yeah I've been getting pretty lazy in my summer months. But Im afraid I will be taking a fairly large vacation, for me anyway. Im going away tommorow and probably wont be back till the 2nd or 3rd of August. But after that I promise no more lazy dazy, so please dont abandon ship while Im off vacationing! There is a possible chance that I will get wireless at my cabin, but Im really doubting it. Good news though, it seems like my camera has finally been fixed! Yay just in time for vacay, so at least I will have some actual pictures to share! Not that there will be too much fashion involved since I will most likely been spending my days floating around on a lake wearing bathing suits! Hopefully I can actually get a tan!! When I get back I should have more to blog about anyway, ahem, back to school anyone? August is going to be an official non-stop shopping month.

Last years adventure! More to come this year =D I think Im gonna miss checking my blog and all my other regular blogs =(

Anyways Bye till August Guys, the 2nd or 3rd!


Jenny H. said...

I hope you have a good vacation :)

michelle said...

Have a fabulous vacation~ <3

Anna Shapiro said...

have a great time.

good luck with shopping free august