Friday, July 18, 2008

Small Smaller Smallest

Ahh I know I said I would be back Wed, Im so bad.. I know I know, but I was just uber lazy, and also preparing for my next great vacation adventure. My camping trip went fairly well, and I did make s'mores! Good thing too because a couple days after we left a campfire ban went on! I did manage an uber-quick shopping pit stop, I snatched up a couple Accessories at the newly opened Charlotte Russe, my first time ever being there. Not much of a fan when it comes to the clothing, but I got a ring and three bracelets/bangles. They were two for $8 how could I resist!?
Today I picked up a new bathing suit top and saw The Dark Knight, I thought it was a really good movie, tons of action and Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker.. RIP!

So my post for today brings me to the fact that everyone around me seems to be obsessed with the smallest size possible. I feel quite out of the loop and get puzzled responses when I always go for the larger sizes. Pretty much all of my life I have drifted towards oversize clothing, mostly for comfort reasons, now I also prefer this look in many of my fashion tastes. Yet I still find mostly everyone I know prefers their clothes to be uber-tight. Im pretty much sick of hearing "I think you need a smaller size." It's hard sometimes to break out of the prepaved path, but I try my best haha. I also find super tight clothing to sometimes look really awful, super tight pants can give the most toned person love handles, and create the feared muffin top, only to say they can fit into a two rather than a four? Who's going to know anyways? Adding the super tight tops only emphasize this newfound muffin top. I wish a lot of girls would settle for wearing at least a more suitable size, maybe not oversize, but not too small, in a world where so many girls are concerned about their appearance, why cant they realize their super tight clothes are just making the problem worse?
Anyone else agree with me? Feel free to debate if you love your triple extra smalls.
Anyways in the meantime, why don't we all admire these lovely oversized wonders =D

Who does oversize better than Alexander Wang? Well I suppose the Olsen's may come pretty close, both rock the oversize look in my opinion, last photo is model Irina Lazarea.



love the second and third picture !

michelle said...

I love the photos! :)

Taghrid said...

smores! how fun

Savvy Gal said...

people are too to concern with sizes. i saw a woman cut out of a dress in a store once b/c she insisted on a smaller size and the zipper bursted open and got jammed. forget size it is about how the cloth fit.