Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morning Beauty Pt.2

So I was looking on fashion gone rogue again, and came across another lovely editorial called Morning Beauty, I love Daria and these photos are so simple and amazing. Now I dont even know which editorial I like more.. What do you guys think?
Ugh, Im so tired, I need to learn how to actually goto sleep before 2am one day.


Anonymous said...

She's really pretty, I think she's my favorite model. She's better that Kate Moss and she looks like a nice girl, very simple, natural, so she's cool.
I love her face, with perfect features and such beautifull and deep eyes.
I can't believe my eyes when I see her long long legs...that's incredible! And mine are so short and big...snif!
Thanks for all these pictures!


Juliet said...

I'm a Daria fan as well!

juliet xxx

Kate said...


Gio Goi Tops said...

Great pics! I love the dress in the last pic!

Tasha said...

These pictures are beautiful! Stunning backgrounds! She looks angelic!

juicy j said...

she is more than beautiful.

The Haute Bitch said...



MRS.O. said...

I adore these kind of photo's
with the 'morning-light'
I overall love morning-light
and I like the first picture the most ..

Harrisburg accident attorneys said...

She is one gorgeous person. I love that shot of her in the white dress.

FREYA said...

i love daria too!!!

Wardrobe Warrioress said...

Beautiful shots! Best I've ever seen her look.

Check out my blog! :-)

Rubie said...

Amaizing dress!
Love this top



Nabila said...

beautiful shoot, and i hear ya, my sleeping pattern is so messed up!

Nabila xo

Jennie Nhi Nguyen said...

Love her, love all her pics
She got a fresh and natural look!

xx frm http://asianeyedgirl.blogspot.com/

myfuzzyworld said...


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Anonymous said...

oh god i love this pictures








Danz said...

Daria is always amazing! These photos are gorgeous, especially the last one.

Jack said...

so natural, so beautiful!

AMIT said...

So wonderful picture.

lingerie shopping

Anonymous said...

so ethereal! Beautiful.

Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

Her eyes are what gets me all of the time. Very cat like.

stylestalker said...

such an amazing shoot, love the lighting,

elle said...

Daria is perfect in so many ways <3

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