Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot and Cold

I do hope this entry makes sense, as the heat has practically knocked me unconcious, litterally Im miserably hot to the point where I dont know what to do, and fans are useless do to the fact they are only blowing around equally hot air. I went to a local lake yesterday, which worked out perfectly since yesterday was also insanely hot. We swam in the lake, and saw little fishies. We also went to some waterslides. I can seriously say I haven't been to waterslides since I was probably 12 or 13 years old, the reunion was fun, but somewhat bittersweet because today I woke up stiff necked. Haha yeah so sad your thinking, what am I like 50? I assure you I am not =)

As searching the web today I stumbled across these random photos...

I cant help but become more and more obsesssed with Chanel Iman, seriously how cute is she? And she makes those Loubs look so cute!But Tyra, oh Tyra... what is this? The hair ohhh no, and that dress, so unflattering!

Two bottom photos from

Also has anyone else been enjoying watching the olympics? Im totally obsessed and I never watched any sports on tv ever. I cant get enough of the swimming, that Michael Phelps is pretty amazing with all his record breaking, and he looks pretty damn good in his suit. Since I've been enjoying this so much, I've decided I really must attend some winter olympic events when they will be so close to me. It's sure gonna set me back though, opening ceremony tickets can cost you as much as $1100... soo looks like Im saving my paychecks haha.


1234 said...

haha i only hope canada wont disappoint after the jaw dropping performance from china. but you should try to go anyways, it would be soo fun!

vogueidea said...

i saw the dress chanel iman was wearing at barneys coop sale. omg but tyra! haha

xoxo - A Vogue Idea

Rora said...

i love Chanel Iman. she's such a cutie!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

chanel really is gorgeous...she has such a fresh-faced look and come on, how could she not be with a name like that?

Tiana said...

Chanel is so gorgeous.
I kind of like Tyra's hair...:)