Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping, yayy!

I've only been to the mall once practically the whole summer, and It was pretty disappointing when I did go. But still I've been in total shopping withdrawal, it's hard for me to go so long without spending money. So today I took a quick trip downtown, it was ridiculously hot out, so we were hoping downtown would be cooler. Luckily it might have been about a 2 degree dip!

Anyway we didn't have time to goto many stores, but I finally got some minnetonkas! When basically only one store carries them in your whole area, they sell out quickly. We also popped into Aritizia, and to my amazing surprise they actually had good sales. If anyone knows Aritzia, you will also know their "sales" are usually about 5.00 off the orignal price. But today they were actually what I consider a sale. I got a couple of the wilfred tanks, regular about 50.00, I got them for 19.99 and 14.99! It's such a rip off otherwise, because they are so thin, I love the thin-ness, just not for 50.00 if you know what I mean! Super super soft too. Lastly we had dinner on the Earls outdoor patio, which was the absolute perfect temperature and setting to end the day, we had nice frozen drinks and I had a tasty asian noodle bowl thing.
The perfect downtown day =)
The minnetonkas I ended up with, except mine have the little seashell things around the top where the braid is. I kind of thought originally that I liked the tramper ones, but they didn't have those, so I got these ones =)


Robin said...

I want those minnetonkas so badly!

Marilynn said...

I can't ever see myself in boots, is that weird? I think I've been rocking sandals too long. Mall trips have been pretty disappointing for me too. Every time I go and see something I like, I don't have money and vice versa. I think I'm finally growing out of mall.

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I'm hoping for better luck when I start back to school shopping.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i've been on the fence with these shoes for quite some time, but i think i'm finally ready to take the plunge.

Style Addict said...

I want those boots also.

LaCouturier said...

i love moccasins...they're gorg! love the pick! =) i once saw a pair in a was camel colored with hand beautiful!

btw, would you like to exchange links? =)