Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am Alive

Ahh I feel so negletful of my blog, everyday I was like, I need to post Im feeling starved to blog! This past week has been incredibly hectic, I never quite realized how difficult moving can be down to the light switches, I even fell down the stairs, I swear there is an extra stair in my new house! Not only that but work and school have been no fun, and to add icing to my cake, I got a horrible cold just in time for the weekend that just insists on hanging on!

I feel like this is turning into a complaining blog or something rather than a fashion blog, so check this out, is this hotttt or hot?

As you can see Im still totally obsessed with chains/zippers and all that hardware =P
LaROK Jacket $637.00 at intermix.. anyone else love visiting intermix? I love the collages they put together

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Maya said...

you're back! and loove the LaRok jacket!