Monday, December 15, 2008


It has been so cold these past few days, my mild west coast self is not quite prepared! Honestly, -20c with windchill? East Coast why do we have your weather? It is freezing and Im pretty sure I completely scared my managers when I showed up to work in sweat pants, not to worry normal clothing was underneath, but waiting for public transit in that weather, sweats were required! It's not all bad though, I enjoyed the snow, and slipping around on ice, snow just makes everything pretty! I feel like its somewhat of an adevnture too =) More snow and freezing temperatures to come though, so we'll see how Im feeling after a week in this.. in the meantime.. I could use this:

Alexander Wang knit dress, paired with my huge fluffy scarf, super thick tights, some type of toque, mittens, a huge parka, and some boots paired with multiple layers of socks =D

Also, mom and I went to pick out some pretty festive Christmas poinsettas, it was an absolute lovely sea of red! They even put some shimmery sparkles on ours =)

Also, now I know why my house is so cold, because my cat likes to absorb all the heat by sleeping directly over the heat vent!


Bella said...

Well firstly, the sweater is wonderful (could use one myself)... and that has to be the cutest picture of your cat!!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! :)
And I definitely agree with you on the sweater. I would love to layer with that.

alyssa said...

oh god, alex wang is a genius. i wouldn't mind having that dress, either. actually, i wouldn't mind having his whole collection. thx. ;)

AusAnna said...

your kitty looks like a tiger. hahaha its so hot in aus, complete opposite.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that alexander wang dress. it looks so comfortable yet so chic!

Nay said...

I just stumbled across your fun blog! I hope you don't mind me tagging you ;-). I also had a question about that Wilfred jacket in your last post...I tried to find the website and I can't..humf! Thanks-

vogued out!!! said...

aww how cute, I love how your cat covers up the whole vent. Must be warm.

Holly said...

oh, haha your cat is soo cute!

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