Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Jacket!

So last night I went to see Twilight, I dont think I've ever seen quite so many giddy and hysterical preteen girls in my life.. anyways I thought it was pretty good, I never read any of the books so I had nothing to compare it too, all followed by a dinner that include spinach and feta dip, mmm!
I've been meaning to show you guys my new jacket for quite some time, but after I finally dug out the camera from an assortment of identical boxes, the cord was no where to be found. I also discovered that I think a new camera will be on my christmas listt, because the quality of this one isn't exactly what I would like it to be, well its not horrid or anything, just seeing the better quality photos and then this, makes me want better :) .. any suggestions or tips to look out for, that won't break the bank would be appreciated!
But what do we all think?

Found a photo from their website! :) a little on the small side though


Zoë said...

love the jacket!
looking forward to see how you pair it with!

Alejandra Huertas said...

i do like the jacket, really.

EVAdmin said...


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Trendology said...

that jacket is great! it's simple enough that you could really do a lot of things with it.

AusAnna said...

oh totes cute. love it :)

STARR said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

i love the jacket

Anonymous said...

Is that from Wilfred?

Just discovered the brand this weekend - I picked up wonderously amorphous shawl collar cardigan - I wish there were more stores in the US that sells it :\

Rumi said...

Ooooh R I love the collar on that thing - it begs for a good scarf.

R said...

Glad you guys all like the jacket =)
And yes clarexu, it is from Wilfred, I didn't realize I completely forgot to mention that in the post.