Friday, August 28, 2009


Alexander Wang inspired bag from Zara? Uhh yes please, my love for Zara continues, I seriously hope this bag was bought recently. I might just have to go back to Zara tommorow to see if its there.
photo: stockholm streetstyle

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Incognito chic

Saw these in a magazine today, thought they were pretty damn cool. Usb Calvin Klein sunglasses.
Also I just watched the sex and the city movie last night, pretty late seeing it, I know haha, but to be honest I have never really watched the show, Im going to start watching reruns though because I really liked the movie =)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adding To My Closet

So I thought Id show you a few of my new purchases that I bought from H&M the other day:

Leopard print scarf ;)

Oversize-ish long black sweater, looks pretty basic but its actually quite loosely knit and transparent when put on, I'll have to find something nice to wear underneath it.
Observe attempt at showing transparency =)
A little bit of sequins.. I quite liked this when I tryed it on, but now Im having a few second thoughts, opinions?
Also I recently heard some good news that Pamela Love, creator of our beloved claw cuff is going to creating a less expensive line of jewelery, yay! Although the claw cuff is still out of reach, Im hoping she will come up with some equally awesome pieces!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello all, sorry for my little break, I've been busy trying to find a job, enjoying the sunshine and spending money in the process. Sigh. I got a few cute things at H&M, I'll have to show you within the next couple of days. Im also a little bummed cause the cute faux fur vest I saw at Zara a couple of weeks ago was no longer there.. Im hoping they will we restock it or get another similar one in, we only have two Zara's though so the good stuff goes pretty fast. I also saw a really cute jacket, kind of like suede on the outside, and a super soft lining inside, in a chocolate brown colour =)

Oh yeah and I was just looking on Sam Edelman's website and guess what!?
The Zoe boot (Aka Balenciaga look-alike) is coming back in stock for the fall because its been so popular! Yay! No more paying tons on ebay folks, although they probably will charge more than they originally did.
PS- I dont know about you but Im going to have an amazingly difficult time picking out boots for fall, I've already seen so many that I want.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping Trip: BTS

Im starting to look around at what's all out there for my back to school must haves. I was thinking that I would try to write a list, I try to do that every year but I find it really difficult since I can never narrow things down enough, oops =) I went to Zara today, I have a feeling Im really going to love Zara this fall, Im already loving it so far and they dont even have all their fall stuff in yet. So much I could get from there, jackets all mostly 99.99 and under, blazers also 99.99 and under (can't decide which colour I should go for though...) Also they had lots of cute shoes,boots and tops. This is why I will soon be broke haha.

Too bad Zara didnt have more on their website, but this is a small example of the awesomeness:
Jacket!! ^
Im starting to love the leopard print even though I never used to like it much, especially on jackets.

My mom would think this is so typical of me, absolutely no colour, but I cant help it when the outfits look like this, simple yet chic =)
Most definitely need a faux fur vest, a la MKA olsen they always look so fab, although Im pretty sure the fur they wear is real and mine will most def not be.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wanted: Leopard Print Scarf

Love it.
Photo: stockholm streetstyle

PS- so excited for Rodarte for Target!! Are you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoe Obsessed Pt.1

My obsession with shoes is only growing stronger everyday, I think fall is even worse because I love boots =) I went into Browns shoes today, which I dont usually do because they have some pretty pricey shoes and I figure why torture myself with $1000 boots? but today I decided I would go in and I didnt even end up paying much attention to the boots. I saw these "Balmain inspired" sandals, and just had to share because in person they look much better than most of the other versions out there, such as the Aldo version. My only thing now is being able to go longer distances in heels, some of mine are pretty comfy but for the most part I cant last a day long shopping trip in heels, how do people do it!?


I never even saw these ones in the store but noticed them online, decent version of the YSL cage's I thought, regular $148 on sale for $62.98

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back =)

Hello all, Im back from my lovely relaxing vacation, it was really quite perfect. The weather couldn't have been better, everyday was about 36-39 absolutely perfect for floating on a lake all day =) The weather here at home has been quite hot too, it's just sad I can longer dive into refreshing water.

I dont know about you guys, but I cant believe its already August and I only have a month left until school starts, nooo! The only positive thing I can relate with that is the obvious back to school shopping, I swear Im going to be doing "back to school shopping" even when Im no longer in school, I just love it. The only downer on that is Im still unemployed and quickly running out of money. Im already in debt with purchases I've already bought in my mind before even seeing half of the stuff out there!

I really hardly took any photos because there wasn't much going on, I was veryy very lazy! But this is a little bit of the "wildlife" that I saw =) My mom saw a bear in our backyard but I missed it, I was super bummed about that.
This guy looks really evil, but it's only because I had flash on, and since we just saw him on the side of the road I didn't have time to turn it off, but he really looked cute.The sun just looked really pretty this day.This little guy was giving me a really hard time, whenever I saw him come around I never had my camera, this time I had to run inside and come back out, so I still didn't get the greatest photo of him but I got him nonetheless.!
We first discovered him just hanging out inside the cupholder of one of our floaty chairs.

So what have you guys been up to so far this summer?