Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adding To My Closet

So I thought Id show you a few of my new purchases that I bought from H&M the other day:

Leopard print scarf ;)

Oversize-ish long black sweater, looks pretty basic but its actually quite loosely knit and transparent when put on, I'll have to find something nice to wear underneath it.
Observe attempt at showing transparency =)
A little bit of sequins.. I quite liked this when I tryed it on, but now Im having a few second thoughts, opinions?
Also I recently heard some good news that Pamela Love, creator of our beloved claw cuff is going to creating a less expensive line of jewelery, yay! Although the claw cuff is still out of reach, Im hoping she will come up with some equally awesome pieces!


Laura Taylor said...

Gorgeous buys! Love that ring and the scarf. x

Paris-Loves-America said...

I just wanted to say that i'm completly crazy about this ring!
Do you know where I can find it, please.
Thanks, Bye.

Lainey said...

Gorgeous buys! I want the claw too, I can't wait to find it. Please let me know as soon as you do.

R said...

Hay guys, this is actually a bracelet, they are most def not cheap, but you can purchase them at:

BUT you can buy something similar on ebay in a ring, for much cheaper =)

(sorry for the long link, happy shopping guys!)

Laura said...

i think the top is pretty, and the ring is amazingg! great pickss

YADEL said...

The latest I have =)!

fashionable palette said...

LOVE the loose knit sweater. I just bought one that is similar but in grey. So cozy.