Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Incognito chic

Saw these in a magazine today, thought they were pretty damn cool. Usb Calvin Klein sunglasses.
Also I just watched the sex and the city movie last night, pretty late seeing it, I know haha, but to be honest I have never really watched the show, Im going to start watching reruns though because I really liked the movie =)


little shadow said...

nice sunnies
ooo, i haven't seen the movie yet either because i want to work my way through the seasons first, also!

Nature Grafitti said...

These are rather awesome...
I mean, I have zero use for USB sunglasses, but I'd buy them all the same ;)


katie d said...

omg so funny. How... useful... hahaha

I LOVE that sweater from the last post. Soo good.


urbanfrugalchick said...

Love those glasses!