Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello all, sorry for my little break, I've been busy trying to find a job, enjoying the sunshine and spending money in the process. Sigh. I got a few cute things at H&M, I'll have to show you within the next couple of days. Im also a little bummed cause the cute faux fur vest I saw at Zara a couple of weeks ago was no longer there.. Im hoping they will we restock it or get another similar one in, we only have two Zara's though so the good stuff goes pretty fast. I also saw a really cute jacket, kind of like suede on the outside, and a super soft lining inside, in a chocolate brown colour =)

Oh yeah and I was just looking on Sam Edelman's website and guess what!?
The Zoe boot (Aka Balenciaga look-alike) is coming back in stock for the fall because its been so popular! Yay! No more paying tons on ebay folks, although they probably will charge more than they originally did.
PS- I dont know about you but Im going to have an amazingly difficult time picking out boots for fall, I've already seen so many that I want.


katie d said...

Hii, I just saw the comment you left over at fashiontoast about her Eliz&James knuckle ring... they actually are selling it (in silver and brass) at I just got their brass snake ring and saw the silver knuckle ring in the process, and was immediately obsessed (obviously haha). I just posted some photos on my blog if you're interested in popping over to check it out :)

hint: the ring is HUGE and needs to be majorly adjusted... the 6 fits like an 8/9. It is "adjustable" (sort of) but just a forewarning. I definitely wouldn't order the 7 no matter what size your fingers are.

just one more rambling thing, I ordered the re-release of the Zoe boot and immediately sent them back. They are nowhere near the quality of the first release... one shoe was a full half-size bigger than the other, and the suede was coming away from the wedge on the inside of both of them (neither had been glued properly). MAJOR disappointment, and they're retailing for $345. Yeah rightttt, the quality was cheaper than a $15 Payless shoe, swear to god. So back they went and I got the Acne wedges instead :D

sorry for the novel-length comment ;)


Flora said...

If you ask the staff at your local Zara, they might be ableto order to jacket for you, or you could check out some online stockists...
Regarding boots for fall, I'm thinking cucnky heels with big blocks of colour are going to be around a lot..

Molly Rose said...

I know!! There's so many good boot styles out this season!

Jowy said...

BOOTS are Fall's must haves!! im still lookin for the perfect ones..i love those zoe boots allot!

One Love,

Lainey said...

That's seriously the best news I've heard in a long time. I wonder if he's going to be selling them for it's original price. Or if they'll be more expensive because they're in such high demand. Either way, I'm definitely getting one before they run out.

Fashionology said...

I love the Sam Edelman's boots! Great blog!!