Friday, August 19, 2011

feather ring

So the past few days have been super nice, but I still had to set aside some time to clean my room. A task that I've been putting off... pretty much all summer. I have this issue where I have way too many clothes and literally not enough space, Im sure I am not alone in this issue. I'll admit I could be on the verge of being a hoarder, I hate to ever throw anything away because 'what if one day I want this?' but stuff had to go. I managed to get rid of a bit, but the overcrowding issue still remains. Im trying to come up with better storage techniques and possibly a new wardrobe thing to hang clothes in since my closet was meant for a toddler of something. I also have an issue with wayy too many old magazines, I recently tossed a bunch, but some I just hate to get rid of, so currently a bunch are stuffed on a bookshelf.. but Im slowly losing space. We'll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks, Id really like to get things organized before I go back to school.

So my question to you readers who read all this is a) How do you keep your room/closet organized and b) what do you do with your old magazines? Toss them right away, shelf them? Any tips or pictures would be great!

I also bought another new ring, I love feathers and it was only $6 so this was an easy purchase! I got it at Aldo!


Anonymous said...

I love that leaf ring. I'm the completely opposite that you are - I LOVE cleaning and throwing away things, and I do not hoard at all. My two roommates are complete hoarders, so I'm always pressuring them to make more room by getting rid of unwanted things!

I keep my room/closet organized by, honestly, going through and getting rid of unwanted items every 4 months or so. And I pile all my magazines on a shelf because my roommates won't let me recycle them.

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Karina said...

Just like you I keep all my stuff, what if it's needed one day? But I do have a suggestion for the magazines. I rip out pictures and articles that I like, holeunch them, and set them in a binder. The binder I organized by category...DIY, recipes, clothes, make-up etc. Good luck!
Check put my blog fr other recommendations!

Karina said...

Sorry, it cut off my

Liberty Walk Sara said...

Beautiful ring, love it! :))

Robbie said...

I am exactly the same, a complete hoarder! I have managed to sort out my whole room this summer...apart from my wardrobe, I am leaving that until just before I go to uni I just can't face it!
In terms of magazines, I save quite a few but the rest I tear out any articles/ shoots etc I like and file them.
You've got a great blog, would love you to stop by mine.
Have a fab day.

B a la Moda said...

Beatiful ring.

B* a la Moda

R said...

Thanks for the tips guys, I definitely think it would help if I went through my closet more often, Im thinking I could probably make myself every 4/5 months. And I have definitely considered cutting out pages in magazines and making little collage books.. but we'll see how that goes, haha

Lorel said...

This post is really gorgeous!

Al said...

so pretty

Hanna said...

wow! i want it!

Miss Butterfly said...

Really LOVE that ring!!!