Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aug 9th

Hay everyone, Im home now, I've been home for a little while but I've been busy enjoying our summer weather by going to the lake and the beach! Have to do all these things before school starts back in, why does September always seem to come so fast once August hits!? Even though Im still trying to make the most out of summer its impossible to not start browsing through, and probably buying some new fall stuff. I know I say this probably every year, but I've decided fall clothing is probably my favorite even though I love warm sunny weather, I also love a cold, sunny, crisp leaves fall-y kinda day. Fall just has so many options and possibilities. But then again I might possibly change my mind next spring going into summer. What is your fave season?

While your pondering that, I want to show you the new converse if you haven't already seen it. They might not even be new actually, but I had never seen them before. Converse are pretty much the only sneaker I ever wear, mostly because they look good with every type of pants, a good staple shoe. The new ones are slightly thinner than the originals but not as thin as the 'light' ones, plus I think they have a better shape than the light ones. Cant wait to get a pair.
The original

The new slim

The light


your native heart said...

I have the slim pair in white and they're so comfy! of course they took a bit of breaking in but now they look all grungy and dirty.

PiruletadeGato said...

The light ones are so great for everyday!


Tody said...

i like the new slim)))