Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dog days of summer

 Summer is almost over and Im so sad! I really do not feel like going back to school next week! The weather has been so nice, so I've really been trying to make the most of it, that means lots of beaches, lakes, ice cream and just being outside as much as possible! That kinda meant putting my closet transformation on hold for a little bit. Doesnt take much to put that on hold, but last night I finally got around to it. I got a new extra wardrobe thing for hanging and storing more stuff. The beginning stages are going okay, I've decided it would make sense to categorize my items (a shockingly creative concept I know), so thats whats on the agenda for tonight! Fun, fun..
Anways I took a couple shots from my iphone over the past couple days, so I thought Id share some of the lovely days with you.


Mia said...

Hate that summer has come to an end.. I have just started opening my summer wardrobe ad it´s time to close it again!
Your phots are so beautiful! Love them :)

istimeofus said...

So beautiful pictures! :D btw I love to tranformate my summer closet into a autum closet.


Fil said...

i want there!!!