Friday, January 7, 2011

How to wear: Circle Scarves

Hello everyone, Happy New Year, I hope you all had a good time and the day after wasn't too bad!
So this past season I've really come to love circle scarves, or 'snoods' which I still dont really understand how they got their name, where does the 'n' come from? Anyways I thought Id put together a few pictures I've collected of different ways to wear them, Im sure you already have seen so many varieties, and if you've ever been to American Apparel they demonstrate like 30 ways to wear them, but I still love to see how people wear them and what they pair it with, or how stores style them on the websites! Enjoy



Asos.snood Asos


Stockholm streetstlye

Studded Hearts

I think the last one is my fave because I love the unique jacket she paired with the basic scarf!



Love the first one!!

Closet Hound said...

The fur circle scarf is gorgeous!!

xo Sherrie

Juliet said...

Great picks!

juliet xxx

Deni said...

Lovely blog ...great pictures ;)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love circle scarves. i've been knitting them now.

Sofi Stellar said...

Ooh, Great post! I love favorite ones are the big knitted ones. They look so chic and cozy.

the gorgeous said...

those shorts are insane!
full of inspiration looks ;)

Chelsea Lane said...

love this. why is stockholm such an AMAZING city for personal style? although that jacket in the last photo is divine <3


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Amazing way to wear scarfs! Such an inspiration! xoxoxoo

Amber said...

These photos are great! xo

Leather and Lace said...

i agree the last one is definitely my favorite! its really fantastic im just staring at it ha

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