Friday, January 28, 2011

Rolling Hills








I saw these photos on fashion gone rogue last week, and had to share! Theres just something so nice and relaxing about these photos, very appealing to me right now considering how exhausted I am from this week, I dont know why, but something made me sleep a good chunk of this day away, I guess you just need one of those recovery days once and awhile. Hope you all have a good weekend! =)


Kacrates said...

wow im lost for word!

Closet Hound said...

This editorial has a cute spin on the equestrian look by mixing patterns and fur and other luxurious fabrics. So cute.

xo Sherrie

Mia said...

These are amazing!Thank you so much for sharing - They made me wish I lived on a farm :)

Giuli said...

These pictures are stunning!!<3

Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like?

Fashion Imperative said...

Just find your blog!

Great photos, love it!

Alexandra Jasien said...

I love all of the jackets and sweaters within this post. They look so cozy yet so chic.

saM tK said...

Looks like a very easy going day. Look forward to my near by hills in Vermont to be snow free. I love how the hair of the horse and the models mane drape and scatter with whatever goes...just flows...