Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wanting: Flowy Skirts

Hello all, I hope you had a good Christmas and have some exciting New Years Eve plans! My Christmas was okay, I woke up sick Christmas morning though, and I've had a cold ever since and can't seem to get rid of it. I feel like Im always saying Im sick, probably because I do seem to get sick every couple of months, its ridiculous! I have no immune system. It has been cold but its not like im running outside in shorts, trust me Im a bundled/layered person!

I guess its not practical that Im loving the sheer/flowy skirts right now, but lately I've been really drawn to them.

free people^


stockholm streetstyle


stockholm streetstyle


Song of style blogger, I love the way she wears this!


Free People, I know this skirt or dress isnt long and flowy.. but I just really liked it with the sweater, its kinda short and flowy-ish?

Normally I dont pay too much attention to Free People, but today I was looking around their site and liked a lot of what I saw, I guess what kept me away for so long is the prices.

I also bought a new ring, im thinking of it as a belated bday present for myself, I will definitely have to take pics within the next couple of days, man I cant believe 2010 is almost over..


Kacrates said...


Long skirts like that are a joy!

Lyana said...

I am absolutely in love with flowy skirts too! Can't wait till its remotely warm enough to wear them without freezing my legs off.

Dylana Suarez said...

I am obsessed with long skirts, too!


angel said...

very nice :) Happy new year !!! :*

Bloggers finder said...

I really like these flowy skirts, but when I wear them I feel "strange", but love worn by others.

great blog,

Alex said...

love this! especially the first one!

artdecodiamonds said...

Love the skirts.. just so free looking!

Closet Hound said...

These skirts are gorgeous. I can't wait till summer because right now, as you've said, not the best time to being wearing sheer/flowy skirts! Sigh

xo Sherrie

Alexandra Jasien said...

I love the outfit in the last picture!!