Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey guys, as you may have noticed I've been a little MIA lately, I didnt plan to be but you know how school and tests and everything get piled on. I really dont know how time has been going by so quickly! Its already December and Im wishing for my classes to finally be done, but then I know its going to be Christmas before you know it. I need a slow motion moment or something to get all caught up! This time of year always feels like crunch time. My mom and I finished all the Christmas decorations this weekend, now I just need to start on the shopping!

So anyways regular posting is back on the agenda, I've been having stuff I wanted to post but just never got the chance too! How are you guys doing with everything? Started any shopping yet?

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Daniella said...

I'll be waiting for upcoming posts!! nice blog!! :)