Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello everyone, I hope you had an awesomely spooky Halloween even though it was on a Sunday night! Hopefully you got some treats, sadly my mom has gotten me seriously hooked on english toffee, just the kind of addiction I need. I really didnt do much, I never get very into Halloween, if I do I've got a pair of cat ears on standby to be an easy costume. Anyways now that Halloween is officially over and done with we can just kick all those on-sale candies to the corner because I know the stores are going to be going full out Christmas, I was already listening to Christmas carols in the mall on Friday! I lovee the Christmas season but honestly it seems like they are trying to push it too far. I actually saw 2 rows of Christmas items at Costco in August! Yeah.. August!?

Anyways since everywhere is ahead on the holidays I guess its really awesome that has given me an opportunity to host another giveaway! One lucky winner will get a fabulous early Christmas present, the House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Print Ring, awesome right?

If you haven't heard about Designer Apparel its kind of a made easy online shopping centre. I dont know about you but I could seriously care less about shopping online if its difficult or hard to find things. Plus my least favorite thing is not knowing if somewhere else has the same thing for cheaper. Thats why I think the price comparison, free shipping and sale notifications are seriously awesome tools to have! Be sure to check out our awesome hosts because they do have pretty much everything you can think of; BCBG dresses, I actually just got some really cozy knit BCBG dresses, yay! (plus they always have so many perfect holiday type dresses) Also an awesome selection of Michael Kors Handbags, and Burberry Coats!

Now the rules! Be sure to follow because otherwise I can't include your entry. Basically just leave me a comment, you can say anything, tell me something new or just say hi, maybe something you would like to see from my blog.. But most importantly leave your NAME and EMAIL so I can contact you if you win. Also this contest is only open to readers in the US and Canada!
Goodluck everyone!

Your last chance to enter the contest will be Monday November 15th at 11:59pm where I will randomly select one winner!

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gucci uk said...

happy Halloween~~~

Natalie said...

I sprained my ankle this weekend! Forget heels, apparently I can't even walk in flat vintage riding boots.

My name is Natalie, my email is blondienati (at) yahoo (dot) com and the giveaway is fab!

Forever Boho said...

Hi flower!
I am already a follower, and i always stop by your blog to see what's new.
Lovely ring, i want it ;)
My name is Luana Gabriella and my e-mail is:

Peace & Love

caviardreams said...

gorgeous ring, thanks for hosting this, i love your blog as is, so fun!

Skye said...

Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!


Skye said...

Sorry - my email address is!


Juelz said...

Love the ring!

My name is Juliette and my e-mail is

Thanks! =)

CMA said...

you're on my blog roll!
you've got a great blog, keep it up!
and come visit COSMICaroline, it's being revamped with more posts and chic looks!


Marianna said...

Great blog, thanks for posting Bedouin Soundclash; haven't seen too much about them but they're great!
Marianna Winterhalter

ps the ring is be-yoo-ti-ful!

Stylepint said...

What a great givewaway and the ring is so nice too!

Jess at

rachiex10 said...

I have been looking at this ring for a while I love it!


Erica said...

I LOVE accessories but HATE how much they cost (I think sometimes they're too much of an investment, so I always skimp out haha). Therefore, LOVE this giveaway!


gucci 2011 said...

reading your post and i do believe you are born to be a fashion blogger.

Chloe said...

This ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm absolutely in love with your blog - so many fab inspirations!!

Love the giveaway!


Lucas said...

Hello, I'm a guy who runs one of the largest male fashion blogs. I wonder if you could tell about me in your blog so that people outside Sweden would open their eyes for me. I would of course like to thank on my blog after that.

Lex said...

I really like your blog! Amazing ring too.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Great giveaway!!


Jodi said...

beautiful blog (and ring)!

FashionArmoire said...

inspirited by life and anything or anyone. i am a photographer, friend, daughter, writer, lover. i dare to be different, always. i want to create something amazing. i forgive easily and love tremendously. i meditate on a regular basis and travel often.

...just a little something about me.
amazing blog. love reading it. <3

Name. Victoria

The Poptart Bandit said...

Hello! Love the ring!


Rhai and Coi said...

That ring is a fabulous one! This will be a perfect birthday gift for me! :?


Rhai Laborte

Louise said...

My name is Louise, and I have three older brothers. It's definitely an interesting family dynamic...

Love your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Such a cool looking ring! Would love to wear it!!!

Miriam W.

Anonymous said...

liz grohe

love rings and your blog!

Baleigh said...

my email address is and i loooove jewelry!

Alice Walker! said...

i really dislike eating cheese. i mean, i'll eat it on pizza, but there's not much else i like with cheese haha

alice walker

Anonymous said...

i have a dog named biscuit and he only drinks water if i put ice in it


Katie said...

I play hockey, and I love to eat! BUT! I love that ring even MORE!


Hope I win!!

Lissa said...

i was born in november but i feel like im more of a june lol

Anonymous said...

i went to spain over the summer and it was amazing!!


ALEX said...


My name is Alex Green, and I hate the color green hahahh


becca said...

luv ur blog!! one of my must-reads!!


Hannah M said...

love the ring!! would love to see it on my unadorned finger.. ;)

Anonymous said...

i just applied to college aaaahhhh!


Sophie said...

I entered your other give away and i love rings


Anonymous said...

i love computer games hah im kinda a nerd sometimes [but a stylish one]


megan said...

hi! i'm megan and my dogs name is happy :)

julie said...

Pasta is my fave food!!