Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22

So last weekend, I felt all excited because my cold was finally easing up, then just as I think I've gotten rid of it, Bammm full on sick again and worse than the first time around, seriously not fun. I was home for like 3 days not doing anything, not talking, pretty much just sleeping. So tonight even though my cough was still lingering around to choke me I went out for dinner (halls and pepsi, do not taste good together in case you were wondering) followed by a trip to my favorite little town for hot chocolate at my favorite bookstore/cafe.

Our weather has been soo unusually warm lately and they keep blabbing about how this is supposed to be our "coldest winter in 55 years," but honestly I cant remember the last near end October where I could go around with no jacket and not be freezing. But Im getting sick of it, I want my cool weather, I want to wear all my cozy sweaters, toques and boots!
And I loveee this sweater that Tao Okamoto is wearing, perfect colour!

photo: stockholm streetstyle


Chloe said...

All of our weather reports over here in WA State are going crazy as well! "Coldest winter in the last decade....Gues that means I'll stock up on more boots and cardis! :)

Fab blog, girl. Love it!

chloe **
* is BACK up

Anna Katrina said...

the weather here has been warmer than i remembered .. for october at least

stop by sometime<3

Johanna2010 said...

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Lela said...

She is beaaaautiful! Winter is horrible here right now!

Lela London - Fashion Blog and Shoe Blog

El'Aundra said...

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Living Foxy said...

Tao is absolutly beautiful! I love the sweater dress.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I hope you are feeling batter. I am ready for the real cold weather too!

Among the Willows said...

Lalove your blog I just came across it! Instant follow.


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

they are saying it's going to be the coldest winter in a 100 years here in Finland, but I don't believe that. Can't really get colder than last year!

xxx Charlie

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