Saturday, July 18, 2009


So tommorow is finally my departure day off to our cabin, the weather is supposed to be superrrr hot which is perfect, despite a forest fire going a few hours away. It threatens to ruin our nice blue sky and outdoorsy smell, I'll survive, but hopefully they can get that under raps. Im feeling totally disorganized right now too, typical me, leave everything to the last minute. You would think I would learn my lesson one of these times. Im not sure if I'll get a chance to post, there is only a slight possibility that I can bumb internet off a nearby resident, but I thought I saw an internet cafe not too far away so we'll see =) otherwise I'll probably be back about the 1st of August.

Anywayss have you all heard the news that Balmain is extending to Acc's?

"Balmain, a hot ready-to-wear brand, is flirting with the handbag business. Retailers in Paris for the pre-collections are being shown about a half dozen styles, including black leather messenger bags pavéd with crystals or studs, and a fringed, rock ’n’ roll number with silver hardware."-WWD

Umm omg, are they trying to torture me? Studs, rock'n'roll? silver hardware? I can already tell Im going to want this, and knowing Balmain completely out of price range =( Whatever, one can daydream by staring at the lovely photos, I still cannot wait to see the previews! but in the mean time Im really loving Alexander Wang's fall bags which seem to be selling out everywhere, especially that studded bottom one, still out of my unemployed price range, but it is slightly more possible.
What do you guys think of this colour? It's kind of different I like how it looks online, it would be interesting to see in person, perhaps I could inspect one if someone would just send it to my mailbox =)
post again soon, xox R =)


CMA said...

i think the color will definitely be different in person, but i like it!
take a risk and see what happens
you pick beautiful pieces, love your inspiration

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Molly Rose said...

it'd be interesting to see how it would look...probably amazing like all that they make!

Yellow Cab said...

i like your blog.
by the way i love the bags, too.
Xo. YC.

ah doll said...

woaw i love it!!i want to know how it i dont want...well please come to my blog and suscribe!!!im new

Ashley said...

Alex Wangs bags are so covetable..he really designs what people want.

Nayra Laise said...

wow, your blog is so fashionist

lucy thorsen said...

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NOELLE said...

Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

Here they are:


June Paski said...

i love zipper bags, but it already sold out at pixie market :(

nobutterfly said...

AHH, drooling over these beauties. You found such a gold mine.


I really like the bottom one. Love the cracked look.
Tayler Layne

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