Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Broke and Unemployed

Two words I hate the sound of, neither of them have happened quite yet, but Im really dreading the day they come true. My last day of work is this week, and soon after no money will follow! Lol! I need a job new job asap =(

My mind is completely thinking of fall clothing now, even though I dont want summer and no jackets to end, Im still very excited for the fall clothing, but I am slightly depressed that I may have no money to buy stuff.. We will see, I already have a list going of what items I want...

Anywayss, I also have this other predicament of what to do with my jewellery, since I do not have enough door knobs to hang my necklaces on and my jewellery box is overflowing. Im thinking just a shallow bowl for my rings, possible UO type stand for my bracelets, but necklaces Im still really unsure about because most of the ones I've seen are not long enough for my necklaces, or the ones I have seen are incredibly ugly, why is this? I like the tree one from UO, but even that wasn't quite long enough, plus I think it contains lead or something not good for you.

And ty guys for the music tips, Im going to be stocking up my ipod the next couple of days, I've already been listening to some of your suggestions =) Oh yeahh and Im going to see Jason Mraz in Sept, yayyy! =)

PS- I totally saw a Balenciaga short sleeve jacket thing at Winners!!! Yeah Winners, honestly who knew? $1500- total steal, I know ;)


FashionLagniappe said...

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Damsels said...

i dont have work as of now . ifinished my tutoring thing so im pretty broke just a wee bit of money here and there . itoo im worried about my fall wardrobe :(

good luck to you

JESSY said...

Ahh! I know how you feel. I'll soon be joining you and everyone else plagued with unemployment! What will we shopaholics do now?? haha

Molly Rose said...

I know how you feel, I haven't been able to find a job at all, and I am currently running out of cash, fast!

Paperface said...

I just got a job but before this I was unemployed for 5 months. It was pure hell.

Dana (MODAna) said...

no way, the floral one?! that's nuts

Holly said...

i bought a 2 foot tall tree with many tiny branches in downtown LA and i hang my necklaces there... it is absolutely gorgeous and very functional! at night i like to light a few candles under it and enjoy the multiple shadows cast around the room. you should try it!