Friday, February 6, 2009

New Crushes!

So, Im still contemplating the shoes below, but when I was shopping downtown on Tuesday I fell in love with a couple more items, Aritzia happened to just be putting out their new spring stuff, and I automatically fell in love with a Wilfred blazer, and black current/elliot jeans.. Just these two items would set me back about $500 though, so I didnt bother trying either on - yet anyways =)
Also while cruising around today I discovered on teenvogue the most exciting news since... Im not really sure when. But apparently Alexander Wang has been designing jewellery that will become available starting Valentines Day, I dont know about you but I just got a whole lot more excited for VDay!

This cuff looks like something a badass superhero might wear =), and apparently the earrings will be worn in different ways? That aren't your typical pierced or clipped, Im exicted to see how that turns out since I dont have pierced ears!


The Stiletto Effect said...

That cuff is amazing!

Sascha said...

Oh my god! That is exciting! I want this.

Lindley said...

you should check out my might be interested in my lattice cuff and the Laura Ring. and im having a sale!