Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Dun Dun Dun!! Well I hope nothing unfortunate happened to any of you today, all went normally for me. I returned the boots today, and ended up getting sucked into purchasing shorts at Zara. Its so silly because its like 5c here and there's no way it will be warm enough to wear shorts till at least May, if Im lucky. Also they have some pretty sweet looking Balmain-esque heels in case anyone is interested. Aritzia had all of their new Wilfred stuff in, so much cute stuff, I wish I could show you but they refuse to update their website.

Then I was off to H&M to purchase the lace up wedges from a few posts below, they didnt have brown though so I got them in black. They even had a promotion for 20% off any single item, talk about luck, take that Friday the 13th! I also saw this jacket and took a quick snap of it, shh.
I've honestly never been a fan of jean jackets, but something about this one caught my eye. Still, It could just be a momentary fad with me, and I will soon go back to not being interested in them. What do you think?


holly said...

hmm interesting jacket, i do like the cut but i find the colour just a little to light of a wash.
I take it you're from canada where exactly in canada are you?
great blog btw (:

landis smithers said...

beware. i have taken such pictures, and then bemoaned the fact that i didn't purchase them for years.

of course, they were 1800 dollar lanvin sweatpants. and they were purple.

(which i got 75% off six months later)

ok, what was the point of this story?

Riina said...

I LOVE your jacket, gorgeous !

Misty said...

That is a cute jacket :)
I like the wash-out color.

MissAmyShops said...

i'm digging the jacket cut/style but am not into the way light denim. at first i thought it was white denim & really liked it then, way back 2 seconds ago...

She's Dressing Up said...

I think it looks great! I love the double breasted button style!

Vintage Tea said...

I like it. Love that its not a traditional style jean jacket

Please check out


R said...

Holly: I live in BC

Landis Smithers: Thanks for the warning haha, I won't lie.. I have done this before and later regretted it..but I would def have buyers guilt if I bought $1000 pants