Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest Cravings..

My latest obsession seems to be light colored blazers, specifically in the white, cream and beige regions. Isn't it weird when something that didn't use to appeal to you, all of a sudden becomes at the top of your most wanted list?

Perhaps a couple of these had something to do with it:
Elizabeth and James blazer.. available on Intermix.
Unfortunately for me I think I would have to settle on the H&M version, which wasn't that bad when I saw it last week. Also I think I've decided to pass of on the denim jacket from H&M.. I think if I were to go for a denim jacket it would be more simple, something I wouldn't get quite as tired of.
Looking at these E&J makes me want the famous knuckle ring, I cannot find it anywhere online, I've been bummed about it for quite some time, anyone seen the lovelies lately?
Also I would just like to say I really love receiving and reading your comments, and that I do eventually respond if you ever leave any questions, Im just one of those procrastinators, but I will be trying to work on quicker response times =)


Anonymous said...

its alright,you deserved it!
love the pics!

jess said...

i love that kate bosworth outfit. in fact i even have it on my wall since i have a bit of a inspriation board going. check out my blog! i hope you enjoy it!

xoxo - jess <3

Fashion Garden said...

Nice choice I saw the one at H&M and I fell in love with !


Summer said...

I love your post..;)
Anyway,it's ok.Just like what Lottie said,you really deserve it friend..
I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it..=)
Have a nice day..

modern antoinette said...

Why not go vintage or thrifted...I found the most gorgeous beige YSL boyfriend blazer for only 3$. I think you could find something to your liking. I love these looks by Mary-Kate and Kate. Simpy beautiful!

Check out my blog...and link me...lol