Monday, February 25, 2008

A Typical day

My very first post, im actually quite excited to get started. Ive been looking at a few other blogs recently and i decided its about time to make one of my own. (Also i decided to try paintshop and make my own header.. and lets just say that it was a lot harder than i thought, obvious of the not so nice header, but oh well lol). Of course, i had to make mine a fashion blog, as i seem to grow more and more obsessed every day. I decided to name my blog absolutefashion because i dont believe that there should be any fashion limits, isnt it always the most original/different/unique that we always admire most? (well okay, maybe there should be a limit to crocs, ugh)

Today was a pretty typical day for me, shopping and more shopping. I went downtown and happened to stumble across one of my new favorite shoe stores! Ive always like aldo, but it can be a little pricey, but this was aldo liquidation! Its got already marked down aldo shoes plus an extra 50% off, and no there not styles from 5 yrs ago, i actually recognize some of them from just this winter. So of course i had about 7 pairs of boots to try, i ended up with a lovely pair of grey leather ankle boots. The part that really made my day, only $25!! original price $140. Nothing makes me happier than a steal like that! Also on my purchase list of today, two basic black and white tees from UO. (hopefully pictures to come soon)

Anyways, I hope I can get a few of you to come back and read more :)

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