Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isabel Marant Inspired Lookalikes

Wouldnt you know that the first week back to school is actually the hottest we've had all summer..only its not summer anymore, so that kinda sucks! Still its nice to keep the warm weather around for as long as possible because I know it wont be long before Im sitting in a cold, dark gloomy classroom at 12 in the afternoon.

On one of my last days of freedom I went downtown with a friend, did a bit of shopping and spent time on the beach. We went to the Aritzia warehouse sale.. which was..way overrated? I've been before and it was decent but this time I did not enjoy it, someone please tell me why I saw a Zara mens top and something from Topshop? Just odd.

Anyways leading to my shopping point I saw these lovelies at Aldo, instant flashes of Isabel Marants' perfect Dicker boots popped into my head as a sales associate and I discussed how awesome they were but how these were such a great lookalike with a way more reasonable price tag.
Isabel Marant, $615

Aldo, $100

Aldo, $100

I was originally thinking I liked beige..but now Im kind of leaning towards the black.. maybe because fall is coming, what do you guys think, beige or black?


Angel said...

i got it in tan and i it's amazing!

Babe Jane said...

great shoes, i would take the black ones :)

caviardreams said...

beige, black would just blend in with all the other black shoes and it would be more difficult to appreciate the detail

Hanna said...

nice shoes

Lola said...

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Greg said...

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