Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Evil Twin

Summer has finally arrived..about time.. although I dont want to jynx it since it could go back to total crap in no time. Someone told me that Canadians talk about weather more than any other country, I dont know where their source was but I can very much believe it because we talk about weather a lot.. I know I do, Im always posting about it and complaing and such. But I refuse to complain about this scorching weather even though I feel gross after just coming out of the shower! Id much rather this than 12c rain in July. Also.. for a random note my bangs are totally pissing me off, you know that stage where you need a trim again and they just annoyingly dont sit right and feel all uncomfortable, I need a trim asap!

Also check out this lookbook from Evil Twin

EvilTwin.studdedhearts EvilTwin.studdedhearts.3EvilTwin.studdedhearts.2
photos from studded hearts

Love all these looks and Zippora is gorg as usual!

Giveaway, still open for a few more days!!


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The third photo is really evil. Love it a lots

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Great collection co00o00l and yough. I love them

Not a Paper Cup said...

I <3 Evil Twin!

LA said...

Want the first stripe cardi!


Mary said...
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Diogo Sc said...


enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Le style est super et j"aime beaucoup la dernière photo.


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wow i do love the first look

louboutin chaussures said...

les concepteurs sont le génie et je ne peux pas tirer mon regard