Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fade to white

Im usually very boring and plain with my denim, just very particular in general. It has to be very soft and comfy, plus they have to have just the right amount of stretch because no stretch cuts off circulation and too much is just gross. Lately though I've kind of been tempted to break out of my mold.

I saw this pair on shopbop, J Brand Ombre.. kind of a nice summer alternative to light/faded and plain white.
Shopbop, $185

These photos are from MKA's new denim line for Elizabeth & James called Textile. From what I've seen so far it hasn't gotten the greatest reviews, but I kind of love it. I never thought Id like the look of flares again since I left them behind in grade 4. Trust the Olsens to make me like the idea again. The real test will be how they look on, but I really love the syling they did for this guide. The detail is kind of hard to see in these pictures but for the rest of the denim and looks you can view them on intermix's website.


Nia B said...

I love jeans and hose are a really great alternative style to the regular old jeans.

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

Anonymous said...

i love mk! i though i'd never like flares either but the olsens make everything look great! cool blog too :) x

Margaret said...

oooh loving these
great blog!!
loving your posts
stop by some time xx

LoliTa said...

LOVE these!


Danielle Barbe said...

i actually really like the textile jeans... not sure what the price is, but i may have to look into them!

vv said...

i really like ur blog

INKEDDOT said...

I love ombre <3

Becca. said...

gorgeous jeans!

XOXO, Becca

Anonymous said...

J-brands are the best jeans I've ever owned, I keeo buying them unintentionally when I need a new pair of jeans! Haha it's so funny how something like flares seem so out of fashion-but when then the olsens like them its like oooooh i need a pair!

xx come visit!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Denim is perfect for summer and I love the faded one from shopbop! xoxoxxoo

Rand said...

So lovely!!!:)

istimeofus said...

I really love the first shoes! :)


Sarah said...

oooh- love the faded ones! Wonder if i could DIY something like this...?

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I love the jeans that fade! I've never seen anything like them. And I think it would be really cool to see flares come back.

Anonymous said...

The pants is so fierce:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pants
your blog is wonderful inspiration, keep it up!
thanks for sharing as always


Anonymous said...

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Greetings and thanks!

Sheri said...

Flares are one of those things I think I hate but I always see how good they can look. x

AttemptingStyle said...

love the ombre, but not sure i'm quite ready for flares again...

Girlie said...

the jeans are awesome!!