Friday, March 5, 2010


So happy the weekend is here, its funny how a break can go by so fast yet as soon as school gets back in, its like time stands still.

Im pretty sure everyone I know right now is in a little bit of Olympic withdrawal, I miss it a little too. I still wish I could have gone to some events, but for the most part it was too expensive for the events I wanted, (aka hockey up to like $25000 - yeah seriously.) But it was honestly still such a great experience and I will always remember it, the atmosphere and the excitement was really something I cant explain unless you were here to experience it yourself, definitely a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Not to mention last Sundays mens gold hockey game was the most pumped and exciting day that I have ever seen, amazing!

In all the excitement I really didnt take that many photos, but I thought Id share a few of the photos I did capture.
^ Athletes Olympic Village ^Molson Canadian Hockey house, aka major party every night, I didnt go though, tickets were too pricey for me ;)
^Part of the houses and pavillions at night, pretty much any night time photo I took turned out blurry, this was about the best I had
^A few people wanting to get a look at the imprisoned torch/cauldron^Just a few more people

^Random people who waited in a 3+ hour line-up to zipline over the city square packed with people, definitely looked liked fun but I didnt want to wait in line.

The weather was so abnormally warm and gorgeous for a good portion of the time they were on too, which was great. Im kind of loving this really warm winter =)

Right now Im working on my list of must have spring items I want.. so far its pretty long as it usually is.. I'll share it with you when Im done. Whats on your must have list so far this spring?


Juliet said...

It all looks very exciting!

juliet xxx

Yuliya xoxo. said...

So cute

Eyeliah said...

still in withdrawl over here.. lol

rk hall said...

Wow. Loving all the architecture shots!

Scoop said...

Jealous that you attended! !!!