Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy May!

Just wanted to give a little update before I skip off to sleep, hope you all had a good weekend, mine was fairly tame, work, and movies, went to see Earth. It was cute, and sad =( I also bought some "nude" nailpolish which I was quite happy with compared to my usual brights. I then stressfully watched saturday's hockey game, and a friend finally explained some of the rules to me =)
Sadly, it looks like the whole "April showers bring May flowers" thing got mixed up, more like April showers bring May more showers..


Putri Erdisa said...

nice post, girl; since it was made when you gotta off the bed! lol.

nice banner anyway. :)


Cindiddy said...

Fashion is... Everything! =D

Trixie La Belle said...

Well actually I do shower more in may (ha ha, ha).
I love it the sun is coming out and the birds are singing and you can wear less clothes and... yeah, may is happy indeed;) hope you have a great month!