Monday, April 6, 2009

"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

The past couple of days have been a complete turnaround weatherwise, it's been so nice to see sun and actually warm for the first time in months, I think everyone was completely ecstatic, shorts and flips flops were out, no jackets, and convertible lids down. Sadly I think it will be short lived, but it's nice to see the sun still exists.

So I've been going back to this editorial in this months edition of Elle magazine, I quite liked it, especially Freida's ring! Looks like the next E&J ring to me.

Elle Magazine April.09, scans from tfs. styled by Erin Wasson.

The last outfit is so odd, but so cute at the same time.


Juliet said...

I just wish I'd dress like that. The first picture is ravishing!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

great pics

Casey said...

I love the last outfit! Lord knows I wouldn't wear a cropped top, but it's cute all the same.

Bianca and Isabella said...

all these looks are so stunning!

you run a nice show, love.

Shin said...

They're all very cute! I love Erin Wasson and her genius way to make casual clothes look so cool! xxoxoxo

paperbag said...

awesome pics! and i looved your blog btw:)

Bianca and Isabella said...

these pictures are fab.

the crumpet girls

ChocolateBeachFlower said...

i love the first pic, love that sweater!! i didn't know this was styled by erin wasson...very cool

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i didn't like some of the guys outfits in this editorial

Libby said...

Cute nerd style. Looks like me flipping through records (i just got into that sort of thing)!

Lara Natascha said...

the pics are amazing!!!

Silvie said...

Everything is amazing!!

helen said...

love all the looks, 90s grunge is coming back!

exchange links?

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Victoria said...

I'm loving the last outfit.. don't think is weird at all!.. haha
and you didn't post the pic with Michael Angarano? :O
haha. he is a cutie pie!

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