Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Recap

Hope you guys all had a good weekend! We were blessed with a few nice sunny days again, so I was making as much use out of them as I could. I also went to H&M on Sunday and picked up a couple of things, including a really lovely green colored knit scarf. Im really loving scarves and lately the bright ones have been my favorite. I bought a red one the other day and have had a royal blue one I've been wearing all the time for a couple of months now. I also found a couple of really cool rings, piks to come soon!

Alsoo for some reason I have all of sudden become totally into hockey games, perhaps the inner Canadian in me is finally emerging, but tonight's Canucks game was awesome! So GO canucks, they won 4/4 of their games in the play-offs, and Im so excited to see the upcoming games.

Anywaysss back to fashion, I could not resist posting these boots off of Jak & Jil:
Chanel Iman wearing Akiko Ogawa boots, photo from Jak&Jil.. honestly it took me a double glance to realize these are not cut-outs, but actually some type of awesome steel/mirror reflectors.. and with buckles..these are boots at their finest!

Looks like Im not the only one enjoying the sun...

So did kitty, notice the nice kitty bed right beside her? She refuses to take part in any toy or bed made for cats.


grace said...

hahaha the kitty! too too cute.

did you ever play hockey when you were younger? its disastrous. and thats how i knocked out my two front teeth in kindergarten. horrible!

Marina said...

Those boots are killer. I thought they were a cut out too. Interesting concept- the metal-ish material.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

cute cat

kaitlyn said...

holy SHIT. those boots are amazing. amaaazzzzing.

Julia mode said...

love these boots !! =)


Jacket said...

Those boots are so ah-mazing!

and i love sunny days! They are my cure-all.


mari said...

Your cat looks same as mine :)